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I am a web designer and front end developer. I have strong proficiencies in HTML, CSS, Wordpress, JQuery, Javascript, Photoshop, Illustrator, Mac, PC and much more. I am very passionate about my career and love to learn.

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Michael Stursberg

Myrtle Beach, SC | 919 534 5224


Michael Stursberg
2007 - Present
Freelance Web Designer

  • Plan site development by evaluating client goals with design and functionality in mind
  • Develop sites on CMS frameworks
  • Create customized plugins, fixes and add-ons to existing sites for optimal functionality
  • Plan, design and implement complete web sites
  • Consult clients on modern branding and marketing
  • Design and develop sites with search engine optimization (SEO) in mind
  • Design graphics for Facebook, Google+ and Twitter pages

Active Web Group
2016 - 2017
Web Designer/Front-End Developer

  • Designed, developed and implemented web sites for small and large companies
  • Created multipurpose custom WordPress themes
  • Used versioning tools to better work as a team on large projects

2015 - 2016
Web Designer/Front-End Developer

  • Managed and troubleshoot SEO architecture
  • Prepared site development by configuring and optimizing hosting
  • Leveraged Google Analytics and MOZ tools to increase traffic and conversion
  • Upgraded sites by updating/optimizing content and graphics and identifying possible improvements in user experience
  • Introduced new technology and techniques to give clients the best experience

Redwood Productions, Inc.
2012 - 2015
Web designer & Front-end development

  • Designed websites and implement content management systems (CMS) and e-commerce solutions
  • Acted as main contact for production of branding, corporate identity, logo creation and other graphic design including brochures, flyers, stationery, business cards, ads, postcards and any other marketing materials
  • Design and consultation of promotional items with customized logos/branding; mugs, bags, pens, lanyards, tradeshow giveaways, employee incentives and customer gifts
  • Debug, modify and create WordPress Plugins


2006 - 2010
Design Lead

Directed and trained a team of three web designers. Utilized Dreamweaver, Photoshop, Illustrator, HTML, Flash, Visual Studio, JavaScript and CSS to develop and produce web sites on a content management system (CMS). Maintained client relations throughout the design process with a focus on customer service and satisfaction. Clients size and type ranged from small restaurants to corporate entities like Sysco Food Services.


  • Syscoct.com (Design was used for many national locations) (2008)
  • Syscodiscountfoodcenter.com (Design) (2009)
  • Dineclubusa.com (Design and animations) (2010)


Briarcliffe College
2003 - 2005
BFA: Magna Cum Laude , Fine Arts

New York Institute of Technology-Old Westbury
2000 - 2003
Fine Arts


  • Web Design
  • Responsive Web Design
  • Bootstrap
  • Foundation
  • Graphic Design
  • Dreamweaver
  • Photoshop
  • Illustrator
  • HTML5
  • CSS3
  • WordPress Design/Dev
  • Social Media Marketing
  • SEO
  • UI Design
  • jQuery/JavaScript
  • Typography
  • Subversion
  • GIT
  • PHP
  • Computer Repair


  • Martin J. Murphy III
    Owner, No Regrets Inc.

    Michael is unique because of his vast knowledge. It has been my experience that once instructed on a projects direction, Michael will meet or go beyond your expectations! He works well under pressure, ( me over his shoulder) he has come though on more than one occasion meeting a deadline that I had set. Michael still handles many sensitive areas of our Business ( No Regrets® Inc.). My trust in Michael is absolute!

  • Christopher Eglevsky
    Production Manager at Active Web Group

    Mike is a fantastic person to work with. He is responsible, experienced and very knowledgable in his field. Mike is a forward thinking and self motivated employee who can take on even the most challenging projects. His ability to work in a fast-paced environment has proven to be a great asset to the company, clients and potential customers. Definitely worth recommending.

  • Gregory Thelian
    Graphic Designer / Show Host at Pimping Pixels

    Working with Michael was a great pleasure. When it came to starting new projects he was very helpful with snow balling new ideas and concepts. Michael is also very talented in turning ideas into working examples in a very quick turnaround time.

    He is great to work with on a professional level as well as on a personal level. Works very well with a team to get all aspects of a project completed on time with high quality.

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Pure CSS Tooltip

Quick and easy way to implement tooltips.

Http Compression (GZIP) Methods

Http Compression (GZIP) can make a huge difference in your sites performance and it is very easy to implement.

Easily clear/flush your DNS cache.

Flushing your computer’s DNS cache will allow you to see the DNS changes much quicker. For example if you are transferring a site to a new server and it feels like it is taking forever. It could be that the transfer is complete but your computer’s DNS cache is not updated and as a result you can not see the change. The old fashioned remedy is to restart you computer a few times. Another remedy is to

Auto Detect Lightness/Darkness of a Background Image!

This Script allows you to automatically switch to a darker or a lighter version of an element depending on the brightness of images behind it. Great for Sliders!

Convert Alphanumeric Phone Numbers into Numeric

What do you do when you want to link phone numbers that use letters. One way is to manually convert each number every time a number is entered. Obviously this is not practical. So here is a PHP script to automatically make this happen. This code can be tweaked for international numbers.

Automatically Generate a Google Address Link or Map

Let’s say you have dynamic data of a phone number, email and street address of a person or business and you want to show that data as useful links(“mailto:”,”tel:”,”sms:” etc…).  It is fairly easy to write a PHP or JS script to automatically turn a phone number or an email into links. However generating an address that links to google maps or even better an address that turns into an embedded map is a little more complicated.

The Phone Number & The Link

The quick and dirty on phone links..

Bookmarklets Still Rock!

Bookmarklets have been around forever. They have expanded the abilities of web browsers before even browsers had extensions and plugins. I still find them extremely useful. Plugins/Extensions are great but can weigh down your browser. Bookmarklets can be a fast lightweight alternative for some.

Search bookmarks in Chrome’s address bar

here is how to quickly search your bookmarks..

Show a specific Page/Post content in your template.

Sometimes you need to display a specific page or single post content in an area on your site or templates. Here is one method that has worked great for me.

Convert PS layers to CSS3 in one step

CSS3Ps is a free, cloud based photoshop plugin that converts photoshop layers to CSS3.

Vertical Align Methods

Vertical alignment can be a pain. Here are the methods that have worked well for me.

The Email Problem

“Why is my client’s site not sending out emails..!?”

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